digital ecosystem for the development of construction projects through community network


Redificar creates a unique ecosystem of commercial integration which generates a new standard in the construction industry .

I want to invest

We achieved the best guaranteed return on strategic land Real property and better recovery with the development of urban projects

I want to buy

You can access your dream home where you want it , with the people that you want and in the best conditions of price in the market

I want to build

Fully funded and guaranteed sales projects eliminating the risk and costs associated with its commercial management

Who we are?

Redificar creates a unique digital ecosystem of trade integration oriented development of construction projects involving all stakeholders in the value chain of the sector.
Generates a new standard in the industry

We offer value when we can make simple access to dream house for our users in the best conditions for them. We make value when we can guarantee to builder, that the projects have adequate resources and customers who are committed and have a great interest in acquiring. We make value when we can to offer that the investment is low risk and it have high return for our investors. That's how we build community...

  • Simple
  • safe
  • responsable
  • scalable

our team

Professionals committed to you
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Project Director, Founding Partner
Architect with over 20 years experience in the industry, as a project manager brings from ethics , aesthetics and responsibility to the development of our activities.
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Director of Strategic- Founding Partner
His extensive experience in the business world , teaching and entrepreneurship, give it a deep and clear strategic vision that allows addressing vital processes developed
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Director of Technology- Angel Investor Partner
Expert in developing technology solutions, collaborative venture , capital investment is a cornerstone in the process of consolidation of the business proposal Condies .
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Operations Director – Founding Partner
His experience in the field, provide decisive efforts in the development and implementation of key activities in project development
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Founder president
It manages , streamlines and implements the action lines Condies , performs the overall coordination of activities of the action lines of the company , promoting optimal development scenarios for its operations.

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